Mark & I have been together for 15 years and we have an Australian Shepherd x Border Collie, Wolfie. Please draw the 3 of us; we all love the ocean – Mark is a surfer, Wolfie is a seagull chaser, I like to swim & hang out on the beach. There’s always music playing in our home, always sea sand on the wooden floors, always an open Ottolenghi cookbook on top of the dishwasher. Mark loves cooking, a cold Tafel, and plotting the upcoming swell. Wolfie is always up for an adventure on the mountain, a walk in the neighbourhood, or a cuddle. I like being outside, running, and reading. Maybe include the Koelbaai mountain range profile (our favourite beach), some nature, or some West Coast fauna or flora. We also really love our city. Baie dankie 🙂

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