This is a birthday gift to my husband, Kabir. It includes me (Jeru), Kabir, and our two dogs: Juno a chocolate Labrador, and a Newfoundland named Sirius who is a whopping 66kgs. Kabir is a lawyer by day but the rest of the time he is a musician who plays the electric guitar. If you could incorporate a guitar somewhere that would be great. He loves an Australian band named Hiatus Kaiyote. Please draw him wearing a Hiatus Kaiyote t-shirt (I have included a reference). Kabir can be drawn with or without his beard (I have included references of both). He has a bald head and a dimple on his left cheek, quite high up. I love Harry Potter and I got Kabir to love it too when we began dating. It would be great if you could draw Hogwarts or something Harry Potter related as a background. I’m a jeans and t-shirt person so you can draw me wearing something like that. I love reading so if you need another element, you can add a book. Juno usually has her mouth open in what looks like a smile. Sirius is very shaggy and huge. He looks like a little bear. He drools a lot so it would be cute if you could draw him with a slight dribble from the corner of his mouth.

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