Hi Anja!!! Thank you sooo much for doing this on such a short notice! I want to get this as a surprise to my boyfriend, Paul, for our 10 year anniversary on 22 February. We are high school sweethearts from Pretoria and have been living in Australia for the past three years. He is an architect and I am a production designer. We both love animals and I would love for you to include our two dogs, Shenzi, a pavement special from long street, and Sasha, a prim and proper Weimaraner. Please can you also add in a possum, there is one currently living on our balcony. We like feeding them fruit. Paul also enjoys feeding seagulls, which is very annoying because they are a nuisance. I do find the image of him feeding the crowd of seagulls hilarious. Please can you incorporate him/me holding a packet of Simba chips or biltong and Paul throwing a piece in the air for a seagull. We both love bold prints, I’ve added some of our favourite clothes 😉 Please feel free to work your magic. Thanks!

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