Hi Nanna! We would like to commission a drawing of our family. The family consists of Theresa (mom), Paul (dad), Mila (my sister) and Lucia (me). In addition to this we would like to include our pets in the artwork; Mario & Luigi (frenchie/boston mix dogs) Appel, Cheep-cheep & Meep (parrots/birds) and Windie + Rosie (bunnies). A big part of our family history was growing up in Tamboerskloof on the same property as our parent’s deli (Instagram handle: @daily_deli) it is now called the blue cafe (Instagram handle: @bluecafe_) and they used to own the place for 18 years, so it would be cool to somehow work it into the artwork, but it’s optional if it doesn’t really fit. In addition to this, my dad used to have this really cool Westfalia camper van which we used to go camping, so that’s also a possibility for an element you can use in this piece. Other than that we are all born and bred Capetonians so the typical mountainscapes would be an option, maybe you can even throw in a drone somewhere in the sky as my dad is a drone instructor/pilot. Some further details: Perhaps you can draw my mom with a string (or more) of pearls around her neck — and pearl drop earrings. Lucia can wear her Nanna necklace over a polo neck sweater, If you would like to you could add a beanie to Paul’s outfit, and with Mila a Nanna necklace as well. Thank you for this last opportunity you have given us to have one of your original commissions. We are beyond excited to have a Nanna piece of our own. Lots of Love and luck with the next phase of your journey. Link to reference images (upload didn’t work):

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