S.A.D cat – Virtual Reality Game

SADCAT is a 2D perspective-based platformer in a 3D world that puts you in control of a cat with seasonal affective disorder exploring the emotions that the seasons can bring.
SADCAT employs VR in a unique way that is difficult to describe and even more difficult to believe until you try it. The VR headset is used not as a simple view-port but as a fundamental mechanic of the game: by changing your perspective, you change the way in which you can move around the world. SADCAT is complemented by an immersive, engrossing atmosphere borne from a beautiful soundtrack and visuals.
SADCAT came joint-first by audience vote at the Shalyla VR Jam 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark and was exhibited at the Creative Coast Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden.
SADCAT is currently in a prototype state and we are constantly updating as we explore the mechanic and narrative.
you can play it here – http://raxter.itch.io/sad-cat
for more background on the jam where this game was produced see my research blog post about it here.