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Framed Original, Unframed Print

Dingonek II



The dingonek was thought to have been a surviving prehistoric aquatic felid, first documented in a cave painting found near Brakfontein Ridge in the Free State, dating back thousands of years. The first colonial witness account was given by big game hunter John Alfred Jordan in 1907: “Holy saints, but he was a sight fourteen or fifteen feet long, head big as that of a lioness but shaped and marked like a leopard, two long white fangs sticking down straight out of his upper jaw, back broad as a hippo, scaled like an armadillo…” (Bronson, 1910)

Mixed media on Museum Etching

1260 x 525 mm

(original artwork is framed in one-off vintage frame with bronze plaque as per image)

Prints are on German Etching 310 gsm |1135,5 mm X 402 mm | Edition of 15 | hand-signed, dated and numbered

Source image provided by Iziko Museums (William Fehr Collection)


Artist: Jan Brandes
Name: “The Strandstraat in Cape Town”
Date: 1786