I am a self-proclaimed “Artstronaut”, fascinated by the intersection of art, culture and technology. I have forged a creative career that blends these domains. I studied four years of visual communication at Stellenbosch University and have since ‘made pictures’ for a variety of platforms and purposes, from commercial work to comics, games and apps. My clients have include the likes of Apple Music, Nike, Nedbank, Heineken and Mr Price. I have also written academic articles, opinion pieces, and comics. In 2012 I completed my Master’s degree in Media Studies at the University of Cape Town with a focus on video game culture in marginal settings. In 2018 I was awarded my Ph.D. which looks at how digital creative tools, particularly those on mobile devices, can assist in democratizing visual design capabilities. It was the first interdisciplinary thesis to have emerged from a collaborative lab established by the Computer Science and Media Studies departments, at the centre in ICT4D. I have taught undergraduate courses in digital design and interactive media, as well as post-graduate courses in User-Centred Design and research methods. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the Applied Design department and working on my first novel. Available for exciting creative work.

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