In contemporary parlance, “The Patriarchy” has become a catch-all term to explain the pervasive, seemingly ineradicable inequality that cuts global societies along the lines of gender, race, sexual orientation and class. Over the past 10 000 years of recorded history “the rule of the father” has emerged as an invisible mechanism that encodes white male supremacy into law and state, home and workplace, and underpins cultural norms through education, religion and tradition. 

Out of place and out of time

In “Jurassic Patriarchy” I have put together, in no particular order, a visual listicle of my top ten favourite figures who have challenged the patriarchy throughout history – through their bodies, beliefs, actions and struggles. These figures aren’t necessarily self-identified feminists, nor perfect idols of a feminist agenda, but people who have revealed the farce of patriarchal power and its subjugations.

Juxtaposing these pop art comic-style character portraits with some of the first illustrations of dinosaurs to enter the public domain (from “Extinct Monsters”, 1892) I offer my metaphorical imagining of the Patriarchy as monsters of an antique world: out of place and out of time.