Hiiiiii from Hong Kong. I would love a B&W portrait of Juri and I. To celebrate us (and also because I need to up my Christmas gift giving skills). Juri is never not wearing a cap. He’s a cap man. And most often he’s wearing it backwards. (It’s a look). He also has a really good stubble to beard ratio happening. Juri is a skateboarder. It would be ace if you could incorporate his board somehow since he’s always busting a move on it. He’s also really into a local skate shop in Hong Kong called, 8FiVE2 ( perhaps he could be wearing a T-shirt with their logo on it? Juri’s also really into the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and playing the guitar. Both of us are beach lovers, but anything outdoors would work – the beach, the mountains, lotsa plants. Nature is our jam! And whilst we don’t have a dog….we are both really broody for one. You’ll find us loling at stranger’s dogs on the beach most Sundays. We’re both South African (Juri is Afrikaans), but we’re currently living in Hong Kong – the land of one of Juri’s fav dishes; soup noodles. We’re big travellers and love exploring new places and flavours. I have dark eyes and big, wild hair. If the choice is available, I would prefer the portrait to be the circular versions I’ve admired of yours, rather than rectangle. I don’t know what you can and cannot use from all this, but I figured it would be better to share more than less. Hopefully this is not overly prescriptive.  So excited to see what you come up with! 

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