I would like to get a pic of us together, with everything that makes us happy. I met Kyle 5 years ago on tinder, had our first date on the beach with my two fur babies (Ash and Ellie) to make sure he likes puppito’s they soon become our furbabies They are a major part of our lives. Ash and Kyle even shares a birthday. Other interests include Playstation( mortal combat at the moment) Playing EDH (magic the gathering format) we love cooking together we both work in hospitality I’m a chef and he does front of house. And even traveled for a few months(with the fur babies) with the madame zingara tent I have attached some pics of Kyle, myself, Ash and Ellie. And I would like all 4 of us just as a celebration of the last 5 years we have spent together and the next 500 to come. If you could have us maybe with table mountain on the one side? The magic the gathering symbol somewhere? And you can add some circus elements food, we love Mexican and Italian. And then we went on holiday in Thailand for a month and loved it. We love Harry Potter, stranger things and thing fantasy (he is a big star wars fan) Kyle black hair, lots of tattoos and stretched ears. Ash dapple dachund, the skinny one 😂 Ellie black dachund very little black and a complete daddy’s girl Me I’ve had my rainbow hair the last 10 years and always wearing black. I hope this helps

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