Hi Anja! This is a commission for a very dear family friend of ours for his 60th Birthday. His name is Mike and to celebrate their upcoming 60ths him and his wife Sue went to Rwanda to see the gorillas. We’d love to capture this experience in your awesome illustration style. Mike and Sue are both unbelievably creative and love the out of the ordinary, colourful and fun. Mike has salt n pepper grey hair that always looks like he’s channelling a bit of einstein and can usually be seen in a quirky tshirt or shirt and jeans of some kind. Sue is one hot mama with strong features and a laid back chic style. It would be amazing if you could draw the two of them in the lush green jungle with some gorillas around them. We’re super open to how you want to interpret it and please feel free to push the boundaries of reality a bit, as they both have a wicked sense of humour. Like i wouldn’t say them being photobombed by a gorilla is too far. I’ve uploaded quite a few reference images to help! I think the picture of mike throwing the peace sign is a really good indication of his personality and is one of his signature poses. Thanks so much!

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