Hello! I’d love a couple-y portrait of my bro and his wife Carla please. I introduced my good friend Carla to my brother Douglas a few years back. And would you believe it they fell in love, got married and she moved to London to be with him! They both love being in nature and particularly hiking mountains eg Table Mountain (hunting for red disas), Cadair Idris in Wales, Mount Snowdon, Mount Vessuvius etc etc. Carla is a water sprite and loves taking a dip at any opportunity. Carla’s a writer and loves to read. Doug loves to cook and he plays the piano. A pic of them at the top of a mountain would be highly appropriate – perhaps Cadair Idris in Wales? There could be a sign pointing to Cape Town and one to London somewhere? They both love to travel. So there could be an airplane in the background? Carla often wears a broad-rimmed hat when hiking – perhaps have it in her hand? Doug could have a Canon Camera in his hand. You could place two dinky bottles of champers at their feet. They had that when they go to the top of the mountain in Wales. Thank you!

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