Cara is one of my best friends who just emigrated to Berlin, we call each other “wife”. Our birthdays are one week apart and in 2017 we celebrated by renting out the Kraalbaai houseboat and throwing a nautical-themed party. We dressed up as Jack and Rose from Titanic, and did a whole entry bit in our costumes, complete with the shittyflute version of “My heart will go on”. As a birthday and farewell gift to Cara, I’d like to commission a drawing of us as Jack and Rose from Titanic. I am Jack and she is Rose. It would be rad to include our pets somehow – my cat, Max, and her Boston terrier, Ayla. Perhaps she could be holding a bottle of her favourite craft gin, and I could be holding a sketchbook of badly drawn “French girls” (see references). Very excited to see the final outcome! x PS: Here is a video of the actual “Titanic” moment:

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