Last year, we got engaged in Monet’s Garden in France. It was a really special day – the sun was shining, it had that real spring feeling that Europe gets so right. We rented bicycles and cycled through the countryside, explored Monet’s garden and the little village. Jannik proposed at the end of the day while we were picnicking on pastries and beers in a park in the village. We picnicked on grass under trees, it was very green – that fresh new green of spring. We were looking out over fields over the tops of trees. The lawn we were sitting on was full of little white daisies and after I said yes he got up and picked me a bunch. The picnic spot didn’t really have many other flowers around, but if I had to summarise the day in visuals, it would be mountains of flowers! So many colours and shapes, roses climbing cottages, walkways of chrysanthamums, water lilies in ponds, I don’t know the names but hundreds of flowers in bloom. Jannik took me back to Monet’s garden because I love it there so much. I am weirdly excited by greeness and gardens, so it was perfect. So I have included photos from that day, including quite a few of flowers, the gardens and the picnic spot. Feel free to decide how you want to portray the day – I am sure we will be happy with your take on it! Our cats weren’t there, obviously, but we would like to include them if possible. Unless you think that it would work better without them? Trust your judgement on this one. Oh and some of the pics of Jannik he is wearing glasses, he says he would prefer not to have glasses on in the drawing please 🙂 The cat’s personalities (in case you need them) are: Toulouse: shy fluffball tabby, tail has a personality of its own, does not like cuddling, but must be near me at all times, likes to follow me around the garden. Pierewiet: really big black and white cat, explorer of note – spends most of his time outdoors, but loves a good cuddle. Primarily Jannik’s cat. Let me know if there is anything else. I may have included a few too many pics, but thought rather too many than not, right??? Please email me on if you need anything else! Got loads more photos hahaha! Oh I also tried to include one or two of each us full figure – to give an idea of what we usually wear?

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