Life is Strange - True Colors

Games publisher Square Enix wanted to launch the latest game in its Life Is Strange franchise with audiences who weren’t traditional gamers. With its strong themes of LGBTIQ identity, family dislocation, and coming of age, for Livity UK this was an opportunity to talk to an audience at the intersection of queer communities and young adult (YA) fandoms.

They brought me on board to assist in positioning the game as a canvas for self-expression. Inspired by the protagonist’s wardrobe in the game, they created a competition to design patches for a unique denim jacket worn by mxmtoon, the artist who provides the singing voice for Alex Chen. Each patch would tell the story of a fan’s experiences or feelings. Inspired by the content of the game, I created the designs that would cover the rest of the jacket. This included a collaboration with mxmtoon to bring her visual identity to the project, and working alongside Mavis Chen Xi Munro to translate elements of the game into patches

The jacket was then auctioned off, featuring the winning patch, to raise funds for charity partner, OutRight Action International.


Square Enix




Campaign shots

Process work

Concept Development

Final picks

Patches by London Embroidery