Fortitudo Talismans


DOG: courage “Fortitudo”,

The “Fortitudo” talisman represents courage and spirit. It’s the perfect symbol to hold onto when times are overwhelming. There seems to be a calm reassurance of the courage we possess when considering the symbol of the dog. It says that we are capable, we are strong, we can. The protea on the reverse side of the medallion is a lovely reminder of our ability to bloom despite hardship. Always.

Available from Uwe Koeter in 10 finish options.

“Uwe Koetter Jewellers, in collaboration with the artist Nanna Venter, are delighted to bring you a range of hand-crafted talismans charged with hope and good intentions for your loved ones.

Talismans have a long history, transcending cultures and beliefs, from the medieval amulets of protection dispensed during the Bubonic plague, to Catholic icons, Native American amulets, West African gris-gris, crucifixes, the tallis, the Ta’wiz, to family heirlooms passed down through generations.

Inspired by centuries of tradition, Nanna created a selection of playful and contemporary coin necklaces to manifest your hopes and wishes, represented through four animals: The Dog for courage (Fortitudo), The Cat symbolizing balance (Statera), The Rabbit to bring luck (Fortuna) and The Pangolin for protection (Praesidium).

These symbols are kept close to the heart, to remind your most beloved of your own love and care and hope.”